My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.

"ERA / AREA - B" - Continued.


Plenty of action at the northern end of STROLEY CENTRAL. 86204 CITY of CARLISLE sits on the blocks in platform 6 after it's trip up from Euston with it's matching 5 x Virgin coaches plus DVT in tow.  Northern Rail liveried 156425 awaits the continuation of it's journey to Liverpool Lime Street from platform 5b.  158905 in W.Y.P.T.E. Metro livery, whilst a little off it's patch, awaits it's eastbound return to more familiar territory. Alphaline / Wessex Trains' 158746 is about to continue it's southbound cross country journey to Cardiff out of platform 3b.


Taken from the cab of a southbound freight in the through road between platforms 4 & 5, here are W.Y.P.T.E. Metro & Northern Rail's class 158 & 156 units respectively shown to rather good effect. The Class 220, 220001 VIRGIN VOYAGER in platform 4a will depart southbound in 15 minutes on the "up relief" for Plymouth prior to the 158's departure for Cleethorpes.


This view looking north and taken from the station roof, we can see the Virgin 86 in platform 6 with the Northern Rail Class 156 in platform 5b. Opposite are the Class 158s from W.Y.P.T.E. Metro & Alphaline / Wessex with the Virgin Class 220 stretching out beyond the foreground.


67005 QUEEN'S MESSENGER awaits the southbound road with the Caledonian sleeper, bound for London Euston in one of the through roads whilst the two Virgin West Coast Sets are raring to go on their respective journeys, one north and one southbound from two of the main through platforms. The T.P.O. in platform 6 is arriving from Willesden with a PCV leading and being propelled by 86233 / E3172 ALSTOM HERITAGE shown here.


With the sun shining through over this scene, we can spy Freightliner's 90041 in green & 86614 in grey awaiting entry into the "Electrics" storage siding.  59201 VALE of YORK rushes a rake of Tilcon & RMC hoppers northbound through the station throat whilst the Class 86 DVTs await their final passengers before continuing on their respective journeys.  37412 DRIVER JOHN ELLIOT idles in one of the LINDEVEN T.M.D. sidings whilst awaiting it's next tour of duty.  86233 / E3172 ALSTOM HERITAGE awaits the final loads of post to be delivered to STROLEY CENTRAL before returning south to Willesden later this evening.


With the rake of Tilcon & RMC hoppers disappearing northbound, LINDEVEN T.M.D. plays host to various classes of locos. In order from nearest the camera are:- 60078 in Mainline Blue, 57306 JEFF TRACY alongside 47843 VULCAN in Virgin Livery. 47237 wearing D.R.S. colours is in front of E.W.S. shunter 08683 whilst 47787 WINDSOR CASTLE goes off shed ready for it's next journey.

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