My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.

ERA / AREA - D - Continued


Here is an excellent view across all platforms at STROLEY CENTRAL This scene shows that the Hymek / Western combination of D7036 and D1037 WESTERN EMPRESS have arrived in one of the two through roads.  A pair of Hymeks (green D7097 and blue D7042) are in charge of the returning Pullman, this time the destination is Birmingham New Street.  The blue HST awaits it's booked time to continue to Paddington while D67 The ROYAL ARTILLIARYMAN and it's chocolate and cream rake await a departure for Worcester. 50037 ILLUSTRIOUS awaits a loco change and will take over the next Westbound arrival.  Three Class 117 DMUs, in blue and grey, green and finally chocolate and cream, can be spotted in platforms 1 and 6.


The blue HST (43113 NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE and 43167, the former leading) have started their Paddington bound service and is passing the heavily loco-populated LINDEVEN TMD.


Taking the "Up Relief," the pair of Hymeks (D7042 in blue leading the green D7097) and their "load 7" of Pullman cars bound for Birmingham, carefully negotiate the station throat.


With another Pullman departure just clearing platform 4, the simultaneous arrival off the "Down Main" into platform 3 hauled by a maroon Western, draws to a halt.  In the interim, another Class 117 DMU has sidled into platform 2a, and the station shunter has busied itself by bringing into platform 6, another blue / grey set from the carriage sidings.  The shunter has been released from the stock and has pulled forward onto "the blocks," whilst another Peak has emerged from the sidings to take up position at the head of this train.


D1007 WESTERN TALISMAN, turning a twenty five minute late arrival into a "right-time" departure, clatters across STROLEY WEST JUNCTION before disappearing westwards.  Another Class 117, the ex-Weston-super-Mare local, is held at the signal to give the express priority through the junction.


D1023 WESTERN FUSILIER and it's rake of parcels is held in a through road at the signal as D5512 draws to a halt in platform 3.  The green Peaks (D1 SCAFELL PIKE in platform 6 with the blue / grey rake and D67 The ROYAL ARTILLIARYMAN with the chocolate & creams in platform 5) await their haul of commuters and holiday makers changing from other services.  These two will depart for the northern end of the country, D1 for Manchester Piccadilly, and D67 for York within the half hour.  The pair of DMUs make up the rest of this scene.


With both Peaks well on their northbound journeys and clear of the area, the "parcels" negotiates the throat and heads onto the "Up Relief," hauled by D1023 WESTERN FUSILIER whilst 43167 comes to a stop at the signal.


The HST's arrival from Paddington into platform 6 co-incides with yet another Pullman arrival, this one hauled by a pair of Class 20s. The green example is D8134 and the blue is 20192, have arrived from Penzance; their eventual destination being Crewe.

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