My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.

The Background / The Photoshoot.

On 27th. February 2006, I submitted an article and photographs of STROLEY CENTRAL to BEN JONES, the deputy editor of MODEL RAIL in the hope that my layout would be considered good and entertaining enough to be published.

During early June 2006, BEN JONES contacted me and said that their freelance photographer MARTYN BARNWELL ( would be in touch to arrange the photo shoot of my model railway layout.

This was confirmed as being Friday 16th. June 2006. It was a highly entertaining day and MARTYN took well in excess of one hundred photographs in different aspects of lighting, scenes and angles. He said these would be whittled down to a handful of photos, which in his professional opinion, would be the best ones to submit to MODEL RAIL.

These photos and my article have now been published in Edition No:- 103 "Spring 2007" and MARTYN's photos have presented STROLEY CENTRAL in an incredible way in this excellent magazine.


Photos of MARTYN from the shoot can be viewed below.