My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.


This section of the website represents

S  T  R  O  L  E  Y

C  E  N  T  R  A  L

in the   PRESENT   DAY   on the

East Coast Main Line

Please Enjoy.


A busy scene as viewed looking towards the south from the roof of the station. Departing from Platform 1 and heading southbound for London Kings Cross on the UP MAIN is a 2+6 GNER "White Rose" Eurostar set with power car 3301 leading and 3302 trailing. The first morning arrival from Amsterdam in the form of a 2+5 Thalys set 4321 pulls off the DOWN MAIN and eases into Platform 6. A 2+5 GNER 225 set hauled by 91019 SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE (out of sight to the bottom left), but in view 82204 bringing up the rear, awaits the road north out of Platform 3. A 2+6 Virgin XC set headed by 43093 The LADY In RED (visible), and 43155 The RED ARROWS, awaits the UP RELIEF road and will head south out of Platform 5 in front of the Freightliner Intermodal freight headed by 66610 and piloted by 66522 EAST LONDON EXPRESS in "Freightliner / Shanks" livery which is held in one of the two "through" freight lines. The three car First Scotrail Turbostar, 170413 has just arrived at Platform 2a on a route learning exercise from Edinburgh, as Scotrail services now stretch this far south! A 2+4 Virgin set (43100 IRISH MAIL and 43100 BLACKPOOL ROCK) and various other units lay over in the DMU servicing / stabling yard. An array of locomotives await their next trips in the stabling area of the LINDEVEN TMD.


The Thalys set is now nestled close to the buffer stops at Platform 6 as the 2+6 Virgin XC set eases out of Platform 5 for the UP RELIEF line to eventually arrive in Penzance a few hours later. 57601 in Porterbrook "graffiti" livery refuels prior to having a short rest in the stabling area. Also just in view is Res' 47778.


From top to bottom in this view, we start in Platform 1 with 170515 a Central Trains Turbostar, arrived earlier from Manchester Airport and will depart shortly for Hull. 66135 and its ten EWS wagons await a lull in the passenger traffic before being able to safely cross to the UP RELIEF and continue its journey to Ferrybridge Power Station. The 2+5 GNER 225 set with 82204 in view and leading, has a ten minute rest at Platform 3 before continuing to London Kings Cross. A 2+5 MML HST with 43069 in view and leading (with 43070 at the rear) is at Platform 4, and will be the next southbound passenger service to leave. The 5 car Virgin Super Voyager 221130 has another fifteen minutes to wait before its departure time for Bournemouth. Platform 6a plays host to 158811, a three car Transpennine Express recently arrived from Hull and will return there within the hour. Stabled closest to the camera is Freightliner's 66610, and judging by the car park for the Signalling Centre, all staff have reported for work today!


Passing southbound through STROLEY CENTRAL and taking the UP RELIEF line is a railtour originating from Norwich, hence the One / Anglia loco and stock. The passengers on this tour have been treated to a run up the WCML and a southbound trip along the S & C prior to a run down the ECML before heading home to Norwich. Cotswold Rail's 47200 The FOSSE WAY leads the six coach railtour, with One Anglia's 47818 bringing up the rear. Further south a photo stop will enable 47818 to run-round and pilot its classmate home. 67001 heads into the LINDEVEN TMD complex via a refuelling road. 66522, 60026, 66406 & 66618 with 08683 are all visible from left to right. The LINDEVEN DMU STABLING AREA plays host to the 2+5 Thalys set that awaits its return to Amsterdam later in the day. 92001 VICTOR HUGO in EWS International livery rests in the company of Res' 90018 in the "electrics siding." 


The big boys are on shed! 66522 EAST LONDON EXPRESS in Freightliner / Shanks livery receives attention to a defective windscreen washer unit while E.W&S 60026 waits for a driver to stable it away from the TMD. GBRf's 66701 RAILTRACK NATIONAL LOGISTICS, DRS / Malcolm Logistics' 66405 and Freightliner's 66618 RAILWAYS ILLUSTRATED AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER AWARD are stabled in front of EWS shunter 08683.


Taking the UP MAIN out of STROLEY CENTRAL and heading for Kings Cross is a 2+6 GNER "White Rose" Eurostar set with 3301 leading (and 3302 trailing.) Arriving along the bi-directional LINDEVEN TMD yard line is the DRS twosome of 37610 and 20901. These locos will refuel and return to Carlisle's Kingmoor Yard later. Just visible on shed are 37429 EISTEDDFOD GENEDLAETHOL in Regional Railways livery alongside Cotsworld Rail's 47200 The FOSSE WAY.


Arriving on the DOWN MAIN is a railtour headed by The CLASS 50 ALLIANCES' 50031 HOOD & 50149 DEFIANCE with 7 Virgin Mk.2s in tow. Originating in Bristol, this tour is heading for Carlisle via Newcastle and the Tyne Valley line before rushing down the WCML. Two GNER 225 sets can be spotted at platforms 6 & 5, whilst a GNER HST awaits it's trip south out of Plaform 2. 90128 & 90029 in "Dutch" and "DB German" livery respectively, are in charge of an eight wagon load of pipes for the A1(M) road improvement project near Ferrybridge whilst 66405 in DRS / Malcolm Logistics livery waits it's turn to also travel south at the head of ten empty Buxton Lime Industries wagons.


Another birds eye view of the 50s Railtour arrival at STROLEY CENTRAL. On shed from left to right are 60078 in Mainline Blue, 47843 in Virgin, 66701 in GBRf, Freightliner's 66618 RAILWAYS ILLUSTRATED AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER AWARD and EWS' 08683. Refuelling are DRS' 47237 and 66522 EAST LONDON EXPRESS in Freightliner / Shanks livery. 20042 in Waterman Black livery, also refuelling, is a most unusual visitor. 60026 in EW&S takes a well earned rest.


A view across the refuelling roads to the southern end of STROLEY CENTRAL and the arrival at Platform 3 of HOOD & DEFIANCE. The railtour will make a photo stop here for tweny-five minutes before heading on it's booked path north.


GNER DVTs await their next trips south. Nearest at Platform 6 is 82204 (with 91019 SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE out of sight at the rear) and the refurbished Mallard set at Platform 5 with 82219 DUKE of EDINBURGH leading. 91129 QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 on the rear, will do the propelling at the departure time. 90128 & 90029 are departing and will take the UP RELIEF before 66405 and it's empty hoppers follow.


With Scotrail (and it's PTE partners) making good use of their "open access operators' licence", SPT liveried three car Turbostar 170470 passes Stroley West Junction below the FITZWILLIAM SHOPPING CENTRE with the latest arrival from Glasgow. Scotrail makes regular forays into England and the colourful liveries of their DMUs can be spotted regularly at STROLEY CENTRAL.

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