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S  T  R  O  L  E  Y

C  E  N  T  R  A  L

in the   PRESENT   DAY   on the

West  Coast  Main  Line

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With International TGV arrivals / departures on the quarter-hour every third hour (alternating with Thalys and Eurostar), here is a most unusual scenario. Due to track circuit problems outside of BRUSSELS MIDI, the TGV unit, Set No.537 (2 + 5 cars from Mehano) in Platform 6 is two hours late arriving from AMSTERDAM.  The problems appear to have eased slightly with the one hour late arrival from COLOGNE in Platform 5 of the THALYS unit, Set No.4321 (2 + 5 also from Mehano).  The virtually "on-time" arrival in Platform 4 of the EUROSTAR (3219 & 3220 half sets) is from PARIS.

STROLEY CENTRAL, uncharacteristically lacking local and national trains at this time, is the British terminus for these international trains.   Traversing "HIGH SPEED ONE" until they reach the KINGS CROSS suburbs, they then by-pass St. PANCRAS INTERNATIONAL and cross onto the W.C.M.L.   All passengers for LONDON disembarque at EBBSFLEET INTERNATIONAL which is the only other British station at which ALL these services stop.  All international departures also stop at LILLE EUROPE for all other onward European connections.

All three international trains will be successive departures for their respective countries as soon as the International Freight hauled by a EUROSPRINTER - ES64P 01 Krauss Maffei / Siemens (yet another Mehano purchase) has cleared the station throat and continued on it's northbound journey via one of the station's "through" freight roads.




Continuing it's non-stop northbound journey during a lull in the passenger traffic, the EUROSPRINTER is hauling two SAN MIGUEL beer wagons, followed by two LOVAL SPRING WATER, two KRONENBOURG, two TIPHOOK and finally two DANZAS wagons. This consist and it's contents, has a MANCHESTER destination for onward transportation by road. Originating in various parts of Europe, this train was brought through the CHANNEL TUNNEL, marshalled at DOLLANDS MOOR for onward transportation by E.W.S. who runs the EUROSPRINTER on British metals via it's "open access" licence.


A very busy scene with two Pendolinos and two Class 82 DVTs on the "up" end of each West Coast Set. The Pendolino nearest, in platform 5 (390002) had previously been rescued by Thunderbird 57306 JEFF TRACY and will form the next southbound departure via the "up fast" some 90 minutes down.  390001 VIRGIN PIONEER in platform 4 will depart northbound, right time in two minutes. The First North Western Class 158, 158758 in platform 2a awaits the "up relief" to Shrewsbury. Fragonset's 31452 MINOTAUR and it's 6 E.W.S. hoppers will have to wait a while for a gap in the intense passenger service, before heading south also on the "up relief."


This is the same scene, but this view is from one of the yard lamps and shows the southern end of the station.  The Load Haul Class 60, 60007 is making it's way through to the washer plant before going on shed for attention to it's windscreen wipers and washers.


Thunderbird 57306 JEFF TRACY (a Bachmann limited edition from Hereford Model Centre) heads south out of platform 5 and snakes across the station throat to reach the "up main" with Pendolino 390002 in tow. 57306 is being pilotted by 57301 SCOTT TRACY (no name plates Heljan version) as this loco is needed to take up Thunderbird duties at Euston, so is "hitching a ride" to London to save Virgin some track access charges!


57306 JEFF TRACY is again dragging Pendolino 390002. This time without mishap as they are now northbound in platform 5 en route to Holyhead. 90012 BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE awaits departure time and it's push to Euston with DVT 82110 and 7 Virgin coaches in the consist out of platform 3. A pair of 67s, 005 QUEEN'S MESSENGER & 001 rest in platform 6 with 5 Virgin coaches plus DVT 82141. Regional Railways' 158757 Express unit has arrived from Cardiff and will return there from platform 2b later.


Passing each other at STROLEY WEST JUNCTION are 90012 BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE  completing a matching Virgin rake and 31452 MINOTAUR in Fragonset livery, pulling half a dozen E.W.S. hoppers into one of the two through freight roads.


Res' 90018 pushes another Virgin + DVT rake southbound through STROLEY WEST JUNCTION.

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