My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.


This section of the website represents

S  T  R  O  L  E  Y

C  E  N  T  R  A  L

in the   EARLY   70s   at

"Bristol Temple Meads"

Please enjoy.


Class 50, D421 arrives off the "Down Main" and into platform 2 with a rake of blue and greys from Newcastle. The blue HST (43113 CITY of NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE plus 43167 out of sight and leading) awaits it's departure for Weston-super-Mare.  The Pullman service in platform 4 awaits it's final passengers before departing after the HST, for Plymouth.  The Express Parcels service in platform 5, double headed by a pair of Warships (D804 AVENGER piloting D806 CAMBRIAN) will depart eastwards for London imminently.  The 3 car Class 117 (Set No. W51350) will follow the parcels along the "Up Relief" before taking the route to Cardiff.  The large logo class 50 (50004 St. VINCENT) negotiates the pointwork past the refuelling roads and heads for the washer unit before taking to a siding to await it's next duty.


The pair of Class 117 DMUs (W51342 wearing green and 117305 in chocolate and cream livery) approach platform 1 from the "Down Relief" and gently clickety-clack across the station throat.  The Hymek and Western combination (D7039 and D1037 WESTERN EMPRESS) await permission to exit along the bi-directional "Yard access line" to await their next duty.  An array of blues and greens can be spotted on shed.  For the record these are from left to right and top to bottom:- D8134, 50019 RAMILIES, D401 DREADNOUGHT, D1000 WESTERN ENTERPRISE, D400 RAIL, D7035, 50004 St. VINCENT, D818 GLORY and finally D402 SUPERB.


D421 has pulled forward in platform 2 after being uncoupled from it's stock and awaits the station shunter to come across and remove the stock for servicing to the PAXTON Carriage Sidings.  43167 is imminently leaving for it's destination of Weston-super-Mare.  50037 ILLUSTRIOUS with the Pullman stock, will depart westwards behind the HST for the direct route to Plymouth.  D67 The ROYAL ARTILLIARYMAN runs through to take up position and await the loco change of an arrival from Paignton which the Peak will take onwards.  The Express Parcels' departure from platform 5 is imminent.


One of my favourite shots of the LINDEVEN TMD.  Hoovers & Hymeks, Westerns and Warships idle effortlessly, while the staff and drivers busy themselves with their chores.


The pair of Warships (D804 AVENGER and D806 CAMBRIAN) finally depart for the capital with their Express Parcels service carefully negotiating the station throat and on to the "Up Relief."  In the background can be spotted the station shunter 08623, which has now threaded it's way through the intense passenger service, and is in charge of the rake of blue & greys in platform 2.  It will remove them shortly to the carriage sidings for cleaning and servicing.


The repairs to both the Hoover (D402 SUPERB) and the Warship (D818 GLORY) are not serious enough to warrant the locos being right inside the TMD, (plus the weather appears too nice to work indoors!) so the fitters rectify the minor drivers' niggles outside in the fresh air.


50s 008 and 026, THUNDERER and INDOMITABLE, cross through STROLEY WEST JUNCTION heading for platform 5 with a Newquay to Paddington express made up of a "load 6" of chocolate and cream Mk.1s.


08623 is now scurring back across the station throat whilst in the process of releasing D421 in platform 2, by removing to the PAXTON Carriage Sidings the Hoover's ex-Newcastle stock.  The blue HST for Weston-super-Mare and the Pullman for Plymouth still await their respective departure times, as the pair of Hoovers (50026 INDOMITABLE and 50008 THUNDERER) come to a halt in platform 5.  The Peak D67 The ROYAL ARTILLIARYMAN, has taken up temporary residence at the signal guarding the station throat, to await the next West Country arrival. The two tone green pair of D1662 ISOMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL and D8134 can just be spotted refuelling, whilst 50047 SWIFTSURE relaxes between duties.  The Class 117 (W51350) in platform 6 awaits it's departure to Cardiff, when the station shunter clears the booked route.

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