My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.

ERA / AREA - E - LATE 80s - "EXETER."

This section of the website represents

S  T  R  O  L  E  Y

C  E  N  T  R  A  L

in  the

Late  80's  /  N.S.E.  Era

at  "Exeter"

Please enjoy.


After the arrival from Penzance into platform three, a pair of Class 50s (50034 FURIOUS leading 50023 HOWE) and their load six of matching NSE coaches, await the Up Main and their "right-time" departure for Waterloo.  In platform five, after arriving from Paddington and awaiting the onward journey over the Devon banks to Plymouth, stands the "Old InterCity" liveried power cars 43126 (out of sight at the head of the train) and 43136.  Between then are five "New Intercity" liveried Mk.3s and an InterCity 125 TGS next to the leading power car.  NSE Class 117 in platform 4a will be the next east-bound "local" to Bristol Temple Meads.

A pair of Provincial liveried Super Sprinters (156443 & 156444) rest "on the blocks" prior to a trip later to Salisbury.  59001 YEOMAN ENDEAVOUR, hauling a couple of old hoppers and 6 full ECC International hoppers, is held in a through line before being allowed to cross onto the UP Relief and continue it's journey to Acton Yard.  The TPO unloads / loads it's mail prior to returning to the capital.  73101 ROYAL ALEX and 73129 CITY of WINCHESTER replennish their diesel tanks as Res' 47778 IRRESISTIBLE looks on.


50045 ACHILLES traverses the station throat and brings a terminating early morning Birmingham New Street departure into platform 2.  A blue and grey Class 117 (W51350) can be spotted in the DMU sidings whilst an NSE 08, 08600 IVOR, busies itself in the LINDEVEN TMD.


As the 50 and it's Regional Railways set clear the station throat, members from Classes 31, 37, 47, 50 and 59 abound in the yard.


After it's arrival into platform 2, 50045 ACHILLES has been uncoupled and has pulled forward onto "the blocks."  43126 readies itself prior to departing westwards for Plymouth from platform 5.


08600 IVOR, after scurrying across from the TMD a little earlier, now takes the stock out of platform 2 and will deposit it in the Paxton Carriage Sidings for cleaning prior to a departure later in the day.  A collection of Class 117s (W51350 and 117306 in Regional Railways, coupled together) slightly obscure Set No. W51332 in the DMU sidings.


50034 FURIOUS and 50023 HOWE snake their way out of platform 3 and onto the UP Main for a Waterloo destination, with their matching NSE load.  Held at the DOWN Main guarding the station throat and, uncharacteristically for a freight train, 33027 EARL MOUNTBATTEN of BURMA and 20906 KILMARNOCK 400, in the colourful Hunslet - Barclay livery, complete with their load of pipes (destined for a major new road scheme in Cornwall), await the passing of the 50s.  In the UP Relief, and luckily not blocking the station throat, the steel coils loco has "sat down!"  As the TMD has plenty of spares, one has been summond to remove the errant loco and eventually, take the freight forward.

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