My 00 - Scale "MODEL RAIL FEATURED" Modern Image Model Railway Layout ... and its successor.

MY DEDICATED RAILWAY ROOM - Conservatory Style Extension.

Showing the Railway Room to good effect.

Various railway related photos can be spotted alongside certificates for driving D444 on the SVR (twice). Certificates (for me and my wife) for riding on one of the first Eurostar trains through the Chunnel in November 1994 plus finally, my certificate showing I was one of the lucky ones to be on THE WESTERN PATHFINDER RAILTOUR on Saturday 23rd. February 2002.


General overview of the layout. The four-track up main lines are in the foreground.

From the right, the lines are:- UP and DOWN MAIN, UP and DOWN RELIEF with the access to / from the TMD on the far left. To the right are the DMU stabling sidings also used by the "electrics."

The six platformed STROLEY CENTRAL station stretches out after the station throat with two lines forming the bi-directional Up and Down lines continuing after the platforms to / from The North.


A bird's eye view from one of the lighting towers above the TMD looking across the fuelling roads to the station. The platform faces 5, 4 & 3 are the "through platforms."  Platform 2a (the nearest end of this platform) also has through access via the turnouts half way along to allow two of the shorter DMU units to occupy the same platform, thus adding extra interest and operational opportunities. Platform 6 is on the left & platform 1 is the far right.


A fully stocked fiddle yard. All locos and stock in general are "ready to run" and straight out of the box with no weathering or additional parts added. I have purchased or commissioned the odd loco that has been professionally super detailed.

From left to right are:- Cl.91/1 and set is on fiddle yard track 9, GNER "White Rose" set, GNER HST, Virgin Cl.221 five car Voyager, 3 car Cl.158 Trans Pennine Express and Cl.170 Central Trains behind, Cl.158 Metro-Train and Cl.156 Northern Spirit behind, Cl.66 Freightliner and Intermodal train is on fiddle yard track 3. On fiddle yard tracks 2 & 1 are Cl.66 EWS with a merry-go-round and Virgin XC HST respectively.



It's me! - resplendent in my FIFTY FUND polo shirt. The Class 50s, being my favourite class of loco, will feature heavily in the part of the website that will cover "EXETER in the late 80s / early 90s" and "BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS in the 70s."

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